Brunch for 30. Ambitious?

Riding on the "high" of the new-found square footage we gained in our move to our new place, a lovely kitchen that I could actually turn around in, and that yes, we had, count 'em, EIGHT dining chairs with plenty of breathing room, we decided to throw a housewarming brunch. For 30.

Well, I've never been accused of a.) under-thinking anything b.) cutting any corners whatsoever 3.) keeping a sane perspective on what a simple event can truly be. It's just that once I get started, well, there's either "do it right all the way" or throw some Doritos in a bowl. I just don't see an in-between and I don't care much for Doritos. I think my husband realized just how nuts-o I am (other than the time I had him help me hand-make all the swizzle sticks for our wedding reception to match the save-the dates) when I made place card-type things to label the cream cheeses we had for the bagels. They matched the invitations. Yup, I designed those too. The point is, when you go to a party with a buffet set-up, you can't tell what half the food is. So, with empathy, I didn't feel like saying "Ginger!" or "Lox!" over and over again.

Part of that was influenced by my MOM who made her own FOUR varieties of cream cheese for this soiree. Isn't she awesome!? OK, I am laughing at myself just as you are right now. I KNOW. I'm nuts. Just do not call me Martha. I have NEVER been to prison. And just so you know, I put lemons and limes in vases for centerpieces. bbpppppppptttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

The menu went on and on with 3 varieties of egg strata, french toast bake, asparagus wrapped in Phyllo, to name a few. But if you take one thing away from this tale, it is this: using paper plates for a brunch of this size is TOTALLY fine. Put those white gloves and books from the 50's in your Simple Human stainless trash bin. As long as you put in your own special details. By the way, I got these super-cool grassy plates by Isabella de Borchave at Target. And lastly, "do it up" simply because you want to welcome your family and friends into a fun environment that has your "voice" to it.