Succulents Are Awesome!

Let me count the ways:

1. They can survive my black thumb. I do not have a gift for gardening. Frankly, I just don't enjoy doing it, either. These guys are HARDY plants that can take on terrible gardeners, like me, as well as the intense sunlight the front of our building gets in the afternoon. We added this mini-garden to our front entrance this spring and barely have to tend to it at all—and it has flourished! This is what it looks like now, in August:

This is the day I planted it, in May!:

We finally found an outdoor wall planter in the style we have been searching for in the Luna Wall Planter (and lucky for you, it's still in stock (8/10/15) and on sale!). Notice, also, the cool new door hardware—in the first photo, above—that Christopher recently installed.

The start of our ongoing front entrance and yard renovation here: Let's Take This Outside.


2. They are sculptural and graphic, which makes them work so well in mid-century modern and industrial-style settings. It's no surprise we associate them with this type of architecture since West Coast modern houses boast these indigenous, desert-like landscapes.


A gorgeous photo of Neutra's Kaufmann House at dawn, Palm Springs, CA, by Stephen Schafer.


Another Eichler home. Photo by Stephen Schafer via this NPR story.


3. They look cool in concrete planters. And we love concrete! Especially how it lends itself to clean geometry:

Planters by frauklarer.


We'd really like to add something like this to our property:


4. They look like they are from an alien planet and that is just plain cool. Nature never disappoints. 

Looks like an alien multi-eyed creature from the deep! "Baby Toes" Fenestraria Rhopalophyl from CTS Airplants on Etsy.


What the?!...Pleiospilos nelii from Cactus Art.


Flower of a small milk weed succulent, Huernia pillansii via Cal Poly Plant Conservatory


"Take us to your leader!" Photo via The Succulent Source.


Mother nature, you beautiful mathematician, you!


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