Great Find!

I really wish I could be more frugal. I do. I am just not built that way, even though my parents are VERY sensible. Sigh...that generation is so good. It's an admirable trait that I have yet to get even close to honing. Oh, to be an eagle-eyed bargain hunter that actually ends up with GOOD stuff. There are inexpensive things and replicas everywhere today, but if you look closer and actually USE them, they are just crap. (I'm talking more about complex, larger-scale things that most people can't readily make, like a lamp or couch).

I want to own things that I love, that last, and even better if those happen to be art investments. Because I can't even count the number of things I have bought for the home + office (also: clothing and shoes) because they were cheaper compromises. And how much of that stuff ended up at Goodwill and on Craig's List.

That is why I am so t-h-r-i-l-l-e-d with my latest find that I actually love: this pair of ceramic lamps (and shades, sold separately) I scored at Target for only $38 each! Thirty. Eight. Dollars. Target is really killing it in the lighting department lately.

Here they are gracing our bedroom dresser. They have a quality heft to them, and while it's a bit difficult to tell from the photo, they have a really nice, natural white glaze on them that gives the surface a bit more depth and a handmade quality.