Bringing Vacation Home: Amee Farm, VT

We recently took some time off to get some R&R and headed to a really quiet spot in the tiny town of Pittsfield, Vermont. What brought us to that particular town is a rustic, yet contemporary, renovated farmhouse at the top of a grassy hill with terrific mountain views.

I have a hard time "doing nothing", but I really, really needed it and this place made that completely possible. No schedule. Sipping coffee and watching the snow fall one afternoon was a true highlight. This place was such a great find because it is rustic enough to authentically fit with the environment and the experience, but contemporary enough to be a comforting place that felt right to our taste. I am a little obsessed with "rustic modern" lately, and this really fit the description for me.

A key component of our relaxation time was a pellet stove that sat in the corner of the sunlit—or sometimes snowy-gray—living room where we spent much of our time reading, writing, talking and just watching the snow fall out of the row of windows. This stove could pump out some heat! Unfortunately, we don't have any venting setup for a fireplace or stove at home right now, and this made us want one even more.

Vacations stay with us through new memories and the therapeutic rest they provide. Of course, the surroundings play a very important part in doing that. Incorporating native vacation finds and replicas at home is a great way to keep that vacation feel going—at least a little, until the next adventure!

1. A natural piece of oak for a headboard contrasts nicely with:
3. Mimic a winter's day that smells like firewood burning.
4. If you can't get around to installing a full, natural stone shower, start with a pebble mat.
5. A pellet stove is a great thing, and for our home this more modern version would fit in nicely.
6. General stores are "a thing" in Vermont and are charming and wonderful to visit. This book gives the historical background.
7. How can anyone resist real Vermont maple syrup? Especially packaged in these pretty leaf-shaped bottles. Plenty of local farms have their own labels so be sure to support them and buy local.
8. Whether at home (or that vacation home I am dreaming about owning one day), rustic-modern feels just right with a reclaimed barn door.