Preserve & Protect the Eames House!

I just saw this on the Herman Miller Lifework blog today and wanted to share this lovely idea and cause!  The Eames Foundation is selling these wonderful prints in an effort to raise $150,000 towards preserving and protecting the Eames House for another 150 years.

The Challenge from the Eames Foundation states:

"After Ray’s death, the Eames family shared and cared for the Eames House and grounds, always mindful to safeguard their authenticity for the future. Now, the Eames Foundation is ready to preserve the house as it existed when Charles and Ray lived and worked in it for the last, most prolific half of their lives. This includes not only conserving the house for the future but also celebrating and transmitting the legacy and philosophy of Charles and Ray."

You can purchase these prints and learn more about what they hope to accomplish here. Let's help preserve this amazing historical landmark and the legacy of two of the most influential thinkers and designers of our time!