Baby, It's Cold Outside

It's winter here in New England and it seems that we're all about "cozy" right now. And I do love winter. The snow is so pretty. The air is crisp and clear. The smell of wood burning stoves and fireplaces fill the air. Being forced inside makes life feel a little less hectic and more introspective. "Home" becomes that much more of a retreat to relax, plan and catch up. The things that make up a cozy home are on my mind, so I stopped in my digital tracks when I saw some of these beauties online. Check out these lovely, modern takes on a traditional craft from 3 designers:

I love how the quilting by Comma Workshop is achieved through hand written, script-styled stitching. The original poetry and stories depicted are all written by the quilt designer herself, Kerry Larkin. These would make great baby and wedding gifts, too—they will custom-quilt wedding vows!

I know these quilts are already getting more buzz than a 21 year-old on New Year's Eve, but I, too, think they are absolutely brilliant. It's all about the mix of something soft and organic with geometric imagery and texture. Soft-Maps are created by Haptic Lab, founded by Emily Fischer, a Brooklyn-based architect and designer. They are such a great idea and the execution is fantastic. The inspiration for the work is just as great: "Soft-Maps started in 2002 as an academic experiment in tactile wayfinding; the quilts were inspired by Emily’s mother Peggy who had begun losing her eyesight from complications of glaucoma".

P.S. You can even buy your own DIY kit!

When I first saw (and bookmarked) the work of Denyse Schmidt, I remember being struck by how unique it was in the context of a very traditional, folksy craft. I really love her reinterpretation of the quilt. It'll fit right in the modern home, but still exudes that handmade quality. And it's nice to learn that Denyse is a fellow Massachusetts native with a background in graphic design!

If you have a favorite example of modern reinterpretation of a traditional craft, do share it with us!