Art Obsession: Wendy Shapiro

I've begun to get serious about collecting art recently—art that I invest in and will keep for the long haul. I look for pieces that speak to me from my design background, or simply work that I am instantly drawn to. Boston-based Wendy Shapiro's paintings absolutely fell into that category (and onto the collection wish list).

I first saw her work when I led a group tour through coworking spaces in Boston, Cambridge and Somerville for AIGA Boston. There in the clean, serene space of Oficio, her work was hung on the walls, appearing like landscapes one moment and doorways the next. The paintings are minimal yet you'd find yourself just staring at them for a while—serene, textured, simple, complex. They remind me a little bit of Rothko's work from a mood standpoint, a similarity that further confirms why I like her work so much.

Wendy's work is also represented here at Koo de Monde.