Wish List: Kostick Bronze Stars

I think the Danish teak credenza in our dining room needs some decorating love soon. It's a beautiful piece that anchors the dining room and is the first thing we bought when we moved in here. I've arranged all kinds of interesting objects on it for visual focus, and have never quite been satisfied with it. Here is a little glimpse of it all decked out for the Holidays one year:

So, my mind turns again to these fantastic bronze stars, designed by Massachusetts artist John Kostick, that I have eyed, touched and gazed at from across the store every time I go into Abodeon in Cambridge, MA. Inspired by a speech given by Buckminster Fuller at Brandeis University in 1962, Kostick, then a physics student there, "began experimenting with spatial structures that synthesize geometry and art."

Photo by Giro Studios

John still produces the star sculptures today, and they can be purchased
on Kosticks, at Abodeon, and at Design Within Reach. Below: John in his workshop.
(Photo by Phoenix Studios)

I think this triple arrangement will be perfect on our credenza!

Enjoy this really lovely interview:

A DWR Film: The Genius of John Kostick