2013 Goals: A World of Good

We've been formulating a terrific, creative, philanthropic initiative behind the scenes at Ourhaus that I hope to nurture and grow over the course of 2013—and beyond. For one assignment for my online blogging course with Decor8's Holly Becker, we were asked to talk about our goals—as related to our blog content—for 2013. And it just clicked that I had an answer to this assignment all along. Actually, for a long time. My goal is essentially to do philanthropic work in conjunction with home product design and decor, and one way will be through highlighting and helping global artisans, particularly women, who are creating wonderful things for the home. And I'd like to form some great blogging opportunities and brand partnerships in the process.

I have decided it's vital to simply start walking the walk and developing things over time—get over the less-than perfect iteration process. A great thing does not have to hit the world at once like a meteor. One of my favorite quotes in this regard:

So, let's start bringing more good into the 'haus!

For example, I'm really loving the "World of Good" concept and fair trade ornaments from Crate & Barrel. I appreciate knowing about the people behind the craft and that they are benefitting in some way. I've even adopted this "World of Good" phrase as a mantra for developing my ideas in 2013.

This year, they have sourced a small collection of holiday ornaments from artisans around the world "in collaboration with fair trade organizations"—partnerships that will empower and fund initiatives in each of the countries of origin. And just in time for the holiday season, wouldn't these make such a great win-win holiday gift for all??

“Inspired by traditional African huts called vibanda, this miniature replica
was handcrafted by women in remote Kenyan villages.
In these small rural areas, the homestead is clustered with mud huts
where multiple generations of one family live together.”

“...to earn a sustainable income and work toward economic
independence to provide their families with food,
clothing, housing, healthcare and education.”

Set of 3, $29.95:

“Handcrafted exclusively for us in the Kashmir region of India,
our papier-mâché 12 Days of Christmas Ornaments give joy…and hope.

Set of 12, $39.95:

Also from the Kashmir region of India (not shown),
Set of 6 (assorted), $24.95:

"Our alpaca creatures are hand-knit by local village women
in the rural Lake Titicaca region of Puno, Peru, in
collaboration with a fair-trade organization."

I love these Alpaca ornaments. They had me at "chubby penguins"!

Set of 4, $39.95:

Set of 3, $29.95:

Set of 3, $29.95 (not shown):

Side note:
I do not get paid by brands like Crate and Barrel to write about products, inspiration and good cause initiatives (yet!), I'm simply inspired by the philanthropic link between design and home decor products and great causes, and hope to grow this aspect of my blogging and design career further. I hope you enjoy what I bring to the table!