Brimming at Brimfield

We recently got to check off one of those "must do" items on our bucket list, and that was to attend the Fall Brimfield Antiques show. I have wanted to go to this for YEARS. And after seeing it for the first time, we definitely plan to make the trek every Fall. Plus, we are lucky enough to live only about an hour away from this collector extravaganza. I bought only some small pieces that I am quite happy with: a raffia Kuba mat from Congo, a rare Dansk ceramic pitcher and some large, wood type blocks with some great inks stains.

Brimfield is the largest outdoor antiques show in the country covering a stretch of about a half-mile long, going back about 500 feet on each side of the street containing over 5,000 dealers! There are food trucks and stalls galore that are quite good. Our friend swears by the Pilgrim sandwich stall and nothing tops the soft serve ice cream we got to beat the Indian summer midday heat we experienced that weekend. Wear comfy shoes and bring some bottled water!

While the mid-century items are at a minimum here, it just makes it all the sweeter to find their tents and spend some extra time looking around in them. Until next September...

(The Brimfield Market is also held in May and July).