In the Mood for Design

I love mood boards.
I use them as a basis for all kinds of creative projects, from my own graphic and interactive design work, to designing rooms in the house, to planning events.

My methods vary from pasting paper clippings to a large piece of foam core to pasting digital images I find into a Photoshop document.

This new tool I have just read about is a good addition to one of our previous posts, DIY Gets Digital. It is called Olioboard, an online mood board creation tool. I am really looking forward to testing it out (and I really wish I invented it myself).

It pulls images of available products from a variety of sites like Care and Barrel and YLiving. That is key. There is the "inspiration-style mood board" that is more abstract and subjective. Then there is what I like to call the "spec mood board." It consists of more concrete information such as currently available retail products that the average consumer can locate and budget for.

An example of one of the many ways to find items:

Some completed mood board examples from the Olioboard community: