And then there was light!

The light fixture in our kitchen has never worked. On top of that, it was this Miami Vice-looking, 80s Italian design that never appealed to us. So we agreed to score a new light fixture, a fantastic Nelson cigar pendant lamp.

When it arrived at my office, I got it home that evening and decided to surprise Jodi by installing it before she got home. That is, until I got out the ladder and realized that being that high up, working on an angled ceiling, was just asking for trouble. Recognizing that I'm a Scott (we have a penchant for being a little reckless), I decided to hold off until I recruit the help of our friend Stefan.

We successfully removed the old light and got the new one mounted. Now, my hope was that it was the old light's socket that was at fault. Unfortunately, the new light didn't work either. This pointed towards a fault in one of the two switches or a wiring problem (ugh).

So I replaced the first switch. Of course, I wanted to change the switch style at the same time and, since this switch is one of four on the panel, I had to rewire ALL of them!

Then the light still didn't work. So we crossed our fingers and replaced the second switch (as well as the one adjacent to it because they've got to be matchy-matchy, don't you know?). And wouldn't you know it? THAT did the trick!

Can you tell by now that I'm damned proud of myself???