Neighbors Come, Neighbors Go

One of the perks we've discovered by moving to "ourhaus" from the student-heavy Fenway area of Boston, besides no longer having to horde quarters for laundry, is that we actually have real, live neighbors - people who have lived in their homes for > 9 months and have a vested interest in knowing you.

We got lucky right away and became fast friends with the couple renting the unit below us - we've had them over a bunch of times, visited them and generally had a bunch of good laughs. Fortunately for them (but UNfortunately for us), they've just found themselves a great house in the 'burbs and are moving on.

At the same time, a new couple has appeared in the unit behind us. This is exciting because we finally have owner/occupants sharing the building with us. As it turns out, they're bright, funny and as enthusiastic about their new home as we are. We're excited by the possibilities for home improvement this brings and expect to be reporting on all sorts of new developments over the summer.

Now all we need to do is to see a new owner/occupant arrive in the now-vacant unit below us and we'll be really cooking!