1st Wedding Anniversary

Hooray for us!!!
Or more accurately, "Wow, I cannot believe it has been a year since our wedding."
Well, time flies when you're having fun, right?

We have been married one year (two weeks ago, today). And traditionally, first wedding anniversaries are marked by paper-oriented gifts. The modern version says that first anniversaries are celebrated with gifts of...clocks. Well-isn't-that-convenient? Because we have been wanting a certain piece of lovely design history for some time.

On the weekend of our anniversary, as a gift to each other, we went to DWR in Cambridge and ordered the Nelson Ball Clock. There is a wall between our dining and kitchen that begs for this piece of whimsical yet seriously geometric timepiece.

Just over a week later, it arrived and I have to admit that Vitra sticker on the shipping box just gives me chills (design weird-o alert!). Check out Vitra's history, too. It is where many of the design greats were manufactured in Germany.

Don't fear the multi-color. At first we were thinking orange because we have a bit of that in the dining room and table linens, but I am glad we went with the multi-color. It has a way of not matching any of the colors in your home yet instantly pulling everything together because of it. It's such an icon!

Here it is on our wall. Like I said, it's already been a year of marriage for us, so we look at it as a reminder that time really does fly, so live it up in the moment!