Holy Dyson, Batman!

"I shouldn't be this excited about a vacuum cleaner."

I suspect that most people who come to possess a Dyson vacuum cleaner say this exact same thing.

Jodi had wanted one of these a few years back when we found ourselves in need of a new vacuum cleaner. I balked at the price tag and so we wound up with an upright Eureka.

Well, that Eureka just bit the bullet, due in no small part to my mistaking it for a Shop-Vac and cleaning up random nuts, bolts and screws with the thing (D'oh!). Anyhow, we used this as an opportunity to revisit the whole Dyson dilemma. Still a bit miffed about the price, I managed to score a brand, new one from eBay for 25% less than the usual price - I can live with that.

As I was unpacking it this afternoon, I couldn't help but to notice that I felt the same way I feel when opening a new toy from Apple - this is a company that takes great pride in all aspects of their product. Designed to the teeth yet still highly functional, it is truly an impressive piece of engineering.

I'm encouraged by the fact that everybody we know who has one raves about them. The only problem is that it's so cool-looking that I'm not so sure I want to use it!