the technical roadmap for "our haus"

There were a couple of technical issues to work out when we first moved in ("Yes, honey, it IS important that I make sure the old, unused security cameras outside actually work!") but we now have a functioning ice maker and I've moved on to plotting our computing-centric world.

What I want:

  • a large, LCD screen mounted on our living room wall

  • an AppleTV device so we can have instant access to our ENTIRE movie (and music) collection

  • surround sound speakers in that living room space
  • a separate set of speakers set up to enable us to wirelessly pump music to them (party, anyone?)

All without having a single wire showing anywhere, of course. My goal? To never have to rummage around for a CD or DVD ever again.

At the same time, we need to get our home network stuff going - it's driving me nuts. We need to get the place wired with Ethernet. We need 802.11n wireless throughout (encrypted, of course, because I'm very jealous of my bandwidth) and a shared hard drive for us both to have always-available access to all of the afore-mentioned movies, music and other stuff.

My first step in this process is one that I've already begun - to rip every movie we own so they're stored digitally. Those of you who have done this know that it's a SLOW process (2-4 hours per movie).

And... let's just say that our collection is larger than we realized. If I'm lucky, I'll have the entire collection ripped around the same time that Verizon finally offers FiOS in our neighborhood!


P.S.: An XBox 360 - I want an XBox 360!