Lofty Ambitions

We moved into our new lofty place in May of this year. You can imagine we've been really busy unpacking, starting to paint, buying furniture, etc. But I figured we should start this blog of our progress and ideas soon or next thing you know, a whole year will go by. That's been happening to us a lot lately. Such as the fact that our one year anniversary is already approaching. Where does the time go??

Wish we knew more about the building's history but it's sort of been fun hearing versions of it from everyone from realtors to local yokels. I intend to research more, but consensus seems to fall on the fact that the entire building (that comprises 2 loft units and a third very spacious garden level unit) used to house a printing press company and possibly the owner's antique cars. Regardless, it now houses US and we love it. It has a great combo of open entertaining space via kitchen, dining and living room as well as private spaces with 2 baths and 2 bedrooms. Christopher uses the second bedroom as his office/guitar sanctuary and I use the loft space as my studio.

Enough of the background story, stay tuned for ideas, progress and solutions we have come across in making this space "ours".